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The missing ingredient

Do you know why diets, gym memberships or the perfect business plan do not work for 99.9% of the people? Ready?

This missing ingredient puts you on a roller coaster ride never getting you to the ultimate success you need. Let me explain.

You will see people around you or maybe yourself struggling with managing finances, relationships, health, job performance and other areas in your life where you seek success. They may not be able to meet standards or if they did, they find it hard to maintain that. Well, what is the reason?

The below diagram depicts why you always end up in almost-success and nearly-failure lifecycle.

When people go down the curve of failure, they get the gut feeling that things are going wrong and they do anything and everything to get themselves along the growth curve. As soon as they reach the survival point and get their heads above water, they get a feeling of relaxation thinking that they have arrived. If you observe closely this is the reason why perfect diets, gym memberships, the perfect job/business do not work for most of the people and no matter of how-tos can help you.

Why does this happen? -- I don't know, but I have personally been there in case of finances. I get a feeling that I am going into deep debt and I do anything and everything to cut cost. For next 3 months, I do strict budgeting and I will be in a good shape. At this survival point, when I look at my bank balance I feel good. Now, if apple comes out with a new gadget, I just swipe my credit cards to get them and 2 months later I am in the same nearly-huge debt spot. I keep going through the below pattern never achieving huge savings or investments. Same happens with you in the case of diets, workouts, relations, job performance, business growth..etc.

So how do you get past the survival point to achieve massive success?

One single missing ingredient - Your Personal Philosophy.

By philosophy, the author of "slight edge", Jeff Olson- means your thought process about simple everyday things. If you do not change the way you think no amount of the how-tos can help you. Its all about how you do the hows. The reason why diets, weight loss programs, and other easy success courses don't work for people is not because the actions are wrong or they don't know how to do the hows - it's just because people don't keep doing them.

Nike just put it very simple "JUST DO IT".

JUST DO the small daily activities you did which took you from the failure line to survival line. Just keep doing them over and over again until you pass the survival line and push yourselves to massive success. You don't need to do anything outrageous or earth shattering to achieve the success line- do what the 99.9% of the people are not willing to do- Just keep doing the small daily activities!

Keep doing that diet changes. Keep doing those small 1hr exercises. Keep doing those small gestures of love and appreciation. Keep doing those small budgeting and cost cutting. Keep doing those small extra learning and pieces of training.

In short, have that "slight edge" and you shall be on the path to massive success.

Inspired by the book "The slight edge -  by Jeff Olson"
Recommended reading: The compound effect by Darren hardy | The slight edge by Jeff Olson
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