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One minus One Impact on families

I was having a conversation with my mentor and coach Deepak this evening and he told me something very significant. This had a huge impact on me and I thought I need to share this here.

He asked me this question.

"Sanal, how much is 20,000 -1?" Being a software engineer, my answer was "Yah Deepak, its obviously 19,999".

"You are wrong!, its 20,000! It doesn't make any difference.."

["WoW". Acquiring multiple master's degree in software engineering from Ivy league schools and moving out from a multiple six figure income software job, to own his business and create multiple sources of multiple six figure passive income, I was sure he wouldn't go wrong.]

I kept listening and he went on..

"..think about the place you work, think about your CEO, what if he is 'minus(-) ed' from your 20,000 employees, will that make a difference?"

"No, it will never, the company goes to function as it was with a new CEO in place. If that is the case with the CEO, what is your role in a company?, what impact do you have in your work place?, its absolutely making no difference.."

"Now think about the same you, where you are the single (ONE) income earner in your family, you have a wife, your parents, your kids right?.."

"try minus(-) ing that ONE with a one.. will that make a difference?"

"Wait a minute"... I asked him to repeat it. I was shocked and replied "That's scary! God forbid it never happens to anyone"

he went on..

"If you are laid off or something unfortunate happens to you, your family is at stake.If you still don't get it, you are being selfish! It's only you  and your family having to loose, so it's very vital to build multiple sources of income and that too passive income.Any fool can create multiple sources of active income, but passive income takes dedication, time and effort, its worth it!"..

he also added..

"having 5 shares of Google and 5 shares of Apple doesn't make you an investor or a passive income generator. You are just fooling yourself and your family.. So get out there and invest your time wisely and in the right resources, invest in learning and building skills"..

It blew my mind!!!

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