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4 degrees of Action

There are 4 types of action one can take

1) Do nothing

2) Retreat

3) Average

4) 10X Action

Do Nothing

Do nothing is exactly as it sounds..taking no action. A person believing at the moment and not being concerned about tomorrow, not doing anything to grow and achieve in different areas of their life.


People who have done some work but haven't got results, they shy away from putting in further time and work to horn their craft. They are just afraid of failure, they retreat and go back into their shell. They retreat from any further action due to self-doubt, fear of rejection, status quo.. etc.


This is where 98% of the people live. They create enough actions to operate within normalcy. People enjoying an average life, marriage, career..etc everything about them is typical, ordinary and common.


If you look at the top 5% in any industry, this is where they operate in. All of their actions are 10X that of a person operating in normalcy mode. These are the people who put in a massive amount of action for a longer time. They believe success in any area of life is not a destination but a journey.

"If people operating in normalcy agree with your actions - you are not growing or doing anything great. period."

Separate from the masses

If people want to separate themselves from the masses and think about operating at 10X mode, it's very important for them to associate with people operating at 10X. They need to find coaches and mentors who can guide them in this process and help them do course corrections, mastermind, and game plan because in this journey you are going to deal with resistance, negativity, competition, challenging market conditions and you will need to start being your authentic self, instead of hiding behind a facade to appease others.

Credits : [Content is taken from our recent conversation with our mentors and inspired from Grant Cardone's book - The 10X Rule]

Your greatest potential is in the unknown. Go put in massive action and discover it!

Stay safe :) #wewillovercome

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