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"We attribute a lot of our success to the mentorship and guidance we had early on in our journey, we now continue to payback and empower individuals to launch their own firms using some of the methodologies we have utilized. Through public speaking engagements, seminars, and personalized mentorship we believe empowerment has to occur through a customized process based on each individual family's goals and challenges


They came to the US from India in their early 20s and while working in Tech and Corp America with various fortune 10 companies, Sanal & Keerthi realized early on in their career that if they really wanted to control their finances, time, and lifestyle, they had to start their own ventures. 

The challenge, however, with little capital to invest and minimal time (working full time - 40-60 hrs a week), options were limited. 

Always entrepreneurs at heart, after launching a tech startup, experimenting in various investments and corporate roles they realized the limitations of pursuing a career and their eventual goals in life - a lifestyle with control over finances and time for each other.

With that realization in tow, Sanal set out to surround himself with positively influential people. Because he allowed the input of successful individuals to override everything he’d been taught about the traditional paths to success, he was able to open the door wide open when opportunity knocked a few months later.

Over the course of a few weeks, Sanal and Keerthi underwent a thorough vetting process before they were able to enter into a partnership with some of the most successful entrepreneurs they’d ever encountered. These entrepreneurs not only offered Sanal and Keerthi business advice, but they also promised to mentor them in all aspects of their lives. That mentorship turned out to be life-changing.

They are in the process to be able to transition from working full-time corporate jobs to running their own successful business, leaving them free to focus full time on things that they believe matter more: their family and helping others. 


"Mentorship in life means guiding people through life’s biggest and toughest decisions that keep them in alignment with their ultimate objectives."

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As we develop emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, we can achieve self-mastery, which then enables us to create freedom in all areas of our lives.

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Family comes first for us, as it likely does for most people. But, we also realize that we’re committed to family legacy more than we are to family leisure.

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Health is of the utmost importance. Being healthy in all areas—mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically— allows us to reach our potential.

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We don't ask permissions


We challenge the status quo


We don't surrender


We don't settle


We rise up - together


Brave against odds. Risk-takers... 

Thrill chasers. Friend makers...

Defeating naysayers. Life to the fullest believers...


Together, we are on a journey to do it all.  Making it, giving back, and sharing our story to motivate others to do their own amazing best.

"We just want to be around people who are looking for more out of life, we love inspiring, coaching, mentoring, bringing a positive change in life & serving the masses”.



One question changed our view of life and its purpose.


How do you want to live your life?

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